Faster sales and a safer business.

A free digital menu system that enables customers to order quicker, reduce mistakes and spend more time and money enjoying your great food.

A better than PDFs

Long loading time, tiny for phone screens, inconvenient. It will be difficult for guests to choose dishes and this will negatively affect average check.

Safety for guests and staff

Reduce physical contact between customers during COVID-19 with a digital menu. NFC and QR menu does not need to be cleaned, disinfected and reprinted.

Third-party services take up all the profit

Avoid using disposable and printable menus and save money in these challenging times. Scanly will help you create an unlimited menus and changes.

Reusable NFC tag and QR Code

Do you need to update your menu often? No need to reprint the QR code and change NFC tag menu anymore!

Millions of premade photos

If you don't have photos of your dishes, choose from millions of high quality professional photos that suit you. Or don't use a photo at all - design will automatically adjust for that!

QR Wi-Fi

Allow visitors to no longer manually enter their password. Now they can just scan the QR code

Suspend dishes

If you are run out of a dish, just suspend it realtime until you have it again

COVID-19 Check-in

Allow guests to check in during a pandemic for their and your safety. We will keep the information within 14 days

Feedback Review

Collecting feedback and quick problem-solving. Customers can leave reviews that you can embed on your site.

Contactless Order

Guests will be able to mark the desired dishes and show the list to waiter. Our research has shown that this feature increases orders


Receive payments directly to your account from guests with Scanly. Simple, easy and safe

Real Time

NFC and QR menu simplify management and reduce costs. No need to reprint menus just to change price or item - edit your menu in real time

20-40% increase in sales

The interactive menu is a mini-application of your establishment: images, descriptions, recommendations, prices, and once the guests view the menu, they tend to order more

Save money

No spending on developing your own website or print and design paper menu. Save on the application and website development



Customize your digital menu for your brand or event. Create additional menus for kids or vegetarians. Easily customize colors, fonts or dark theme!





Let's Open Again

With safe touchless and free digital menu

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