Contactless Digital Menus & Free Contact Tracing system for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Beauty Centres, Hair Saloons and public events

Super-fast, easy and no-touch NFC and QR code menus & contactless cards for faster and safer operations. Up to 30% increase in client turnaround time.

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Bye physical menus

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Your digital menu can be viewed on any mobile device, without having to download an app! Customers instantly access your digital menu by tap NFC or scanning the QR code with their phone's camera.

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Any browser

Any platform

A picture says

a thousand words

Guests begin to eat with their eyes. Large engaging photos and fast, beautiful and user-friendly interface will make it easier for your customers to place an order.





Fast and


Faster sales and a safer business.

Digital menu system that enables customers to order quicker, reduce mistakes and spend more time and money enjoying your great food.

A better than PDFs

Long loading time, tiny for phone screens, inconvenient. It will be difficult for guests to choose dishes and this will negatively affect average check.

Safety for guests and staff

Reduce physical contact between customers during COVID-19 with a digital menu. Easy to order from menu, and show it to waiter. Forget about pen and paper to get customers contacts for COVID tracing requirements.

No headache - one stop solution

Start digital transformation today. Set-up digital menus, guest wi-fi access and COVID-trace needs in a one place. Update any time, no re-prints needed.

Reusable NFC tag and QR Code

Do you need to update your menu often? No need to reprint the QR code and change NFC tag menu anymore!

Millions of premade photos

If you don't have photos of your dishes, choose from millions of high quality professional photos that suit you. Or don't use a photo at all - design will automatically adjust for that!

QR Wi-Fi

Allow visitors to no longer manually enter their password. Now they can just scan the QR code

Dishes variants & suspend

Add different versions of your dishes or if you are run out of a dish, just suspend it realtime until you have it again

Custom domains

Get a free third-level domain or connect your own with a free SSL certificate.

Feedback Review

Collecting feedback and quick problem-solving. Customers can leave reviews that you can embed on your site.

Contactless Order

Guests will be able to mark their desired dishes and order instantly or show the list to the waiter. Our research has shown that this feature increases the number of orders


Receive payments directly to your account from guests with Scanly. Simple, easy and safe

Real Time

NFC and QR menu simplify management and reduce costs. No need to reprint menus just to change price or item - edit your menu in real time

20-40% increase in sales

The interactive menu is a mini-application of your establishment: images, descriptions, recommendations, prices, and once the guests view the menu, they tend to order more

Save money

No spending on developing your own website or print and design paper menu. Save on the application and website development

So many great businesses are already with us

over 1000 restaurants
over 3000 menus
over 200M orders

The newest way to be modern and safe



Super easy, blazing fast and ultra comfortable way to access your menu.

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Open Camera app on your device and hold your phone camera over the QR code and click the link that appears at the top of your screen.

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Just sign up to Scanly via Email or social networks and add your first location

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Add an unlimited items to your menu and pick up your NFC tag or print-ready QR code menu design

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Your guests start immediately using a contactless, safe, convenient, and visually appealing menu

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