6 April 2022

  • ⚡️ Added super fast and powerful Analytics! Enable the Analytics module in your place settings.

31 March 2022

  • ⚡️ Feedback and Reviews! Enable the Feedback module in your place settings, and collect feedback directly from the menu!
  • 🔧 Analytics has been temporarily removed, new and improved analytics are coming instead!

25 March 2022

  • ⚡️ Custom domains! You can add your own custom domain with free SSL certificate in your place settings.
  • ⚡️ Free subdomains! You can add free subdomain with free SSL certificate like demo.scanly.app for free in your place settings.
  • ⚡️ Ordering system! Now your guests can order directly from the menu.
  • ⚡️ You can now add many variants and options for your dishes.
  • 💸 Changed pricing plans. See more on pricing page.
  • 🔧 Place settings now have a new options for managing your menu, like change place name and currency.
  • 🪲 Major changes in API and bug fixes

25 August 2021

  • ⭐️ NEW: Covid19 Check-in Module and guests list!
  • Minor changes and bug fixes

26 April 2021

  • ⭐️ New powerful dashboard is live!
  • Add trial
  • Minor changes

18 February 2021

  • ⭐️ Added a new feature - 💵 Payments! Now you can accept payments directly with SnapScan (South Africa) and Payme (Uzbekistan). You can set up payments in the Settings menu. Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay will be available soon!
  • Redesigned ordering system in the guest menu.
  • Minor changes

15 January 2021

  • ⭐️ Added a new feature - 🖌 Customize Menu! Now you can customize design of your each menu to suit your brand and preferences.
  • Add 'Back to places' button on menu editor

12 January 2021

  • Extended Menu Analytics. Added weekly line chart by day in place page.
  • Added search photo module to edit item mode.

8 January 2021

  • ⭐️ Added a new feature - 📊 Menu Analytics! Now, you can see your menu statistics on top bar in place page.

7 January 2021

  • Added a new feature announcement - NFC menu! Stay tune!

6 January 2021

  • Added search and adding photos from database of millions of professional photos. Just select 'Search premade photos' when adding an item.
  • Added order list to guest menu
  • Minor changes

4 January 2021

  • Added Changelog page
  • Minor changes

30 December 2020

  • Menu dashboard layout changed. The interface for adding an item is now always visible and floating.
  • Added the ability to select dishes for guest. All selected dishes are formed in an order list with the name and quantity.
  • Added menu preview button to dashboard panel.